Third Stellation of the Icosahedron


3rd stellation of the icosahedron

This model is similar to the small stellated dodecahedron in that each pentagonal face contains a pentagonal pyramid. However, in this case, the pyramid is a dimple and not a stellation.

Notice that you can see 3 blue triangles that are facing slightly left and downward. Those 3 triangles are in the same plane. You can also see 3 dark green triangles facing slightly upward and to the left. Three yellow triangles are in the same plane and facing slightly to the right and upward.

To see the full-sized template click on this image:  3rd stellation of icosahedron template

You can use the same color arrangement that was used for the icosahedron. Assemble these dimples in a counterclockwise rotation as seen looking into the dimple.

(0) Y B O R G              (3) R O Y G B

(1) B Y R O G              (4) G R B Y O

(2) O B G R Y              (5) Y G O B R

Number your dimples on the tab of the first color in the list. Dimple #0 will be surrounded by the other 5 dimples. The blue face of #1 will attach to the yellow face of #0. Dimple #2 is attached to the second face of dimple #0 and so on.

You will now be able to see 3 triangles in the same plane and of the same color for every 3 adjacent dimples.

The next 6 dimples are enantiomorphs of the first 6 dimples. Begin with dimple #5 and arrange it in a clockwise assembly. Label it as #5R for 5 reverse and attach in the position that is exactly opposite of piece #5 on the polyhedron. Keep the 3 triangles of the same color aligned in your new piece.