Final Stellation of the Cuboctahedron


final stellation of the cuboctahedron

This is an interesting polyhedron since it can be viewed in several ways. In the picture above, you can see a blue cross made of chevron pieces. You can also see a pink tetrahedron facing upward and the beginning of a brown tetrahedron facing downward.

final stellation of the cuboctahedron

From the side, you can see two intersecting pink triangle faces.

This polyhedron is made from 5 colors and uses only two shapes... a chevron (on the left in the template picture below) and a diamond.

To see the full-sized template click on this image:    final stellation of cuboctahedron

Three colors are used to form the chevron crosses and two colors are used for all of the diamond pieces.

It is easiest to begin this construction with 2 pairs of same-colored chevron pieces. In this construction, the chevrons that are in parallel faces will always be of the same color ... just like in a cube. Once you have created the chevron tube from 4 chevron pieces, glue 4 diamond pieces of your two colors together into a dimple. This shows well in the top pictures on this page. Then you must glue the dimple into the center of the chevron tube, one edge at a time.

Under each chevron tube you will place the corners of the two tetrahedron. These corners are made from 3 diamond pieces.

The next 4 chevron tubes are made made with your last chevron color added to one of your previous chevron colors. Studying the picture should help you choose the placement of colors for this construction.