dodecadodecahedron      dodecadodecahedron

This polyhedron can be built by observing where pieces need to be. There will be 12 stars made of 6 colors. Beneath each star (on a parallel plane) will be 12 large pentagons of the same star color.

To see the full-sized template click on this image:  dodecadodecahedron template

Begin your polyhedron with one of the stars. Three rhombus pieces will create the dimple between each of the star arms. You can choose the appropriate color rhombi by observing the following relationships:

1. On either side of each star arm will be two rhombi that will finish in the same plane as each other. For instance, in the picture at the top of this page, the white star has two yellow rhombi descending from two star arms. These two rhombi must be the same color.

2. The plane that is parallel to and just below each arm will be the same color as the star. So, create 5 rhombi that are the same color as the star to use at the base of each star's dimple.

3. In the same way the third rhombus for each dimple will be the same color as the rhombus that is on the other side of the arm and will finish in the same plane.

As is often the case, parallel planes of your polyhedron will be the same color. Use this additional fact to further confirm your color choice for each rhombus.