Compound of 3 Cubes

(compound of 3 hexahedron)


compound of 3 cubes      compound of 3 cubes

To see the full-sized template click on this image:  compound of 3 cubes template

This polyhedron can be built in 3 colors ... one color for each of the cubes.

I've shown two pictures of this compound to help make my vocabulary for this construction clear.

In the picture above on the left, notice that we can see a pink cube edge intersecting with a yellow cube edge on a green face. I will refer to this view as a face with a cross on it.

In the picture above on the right, we can see a pink pyramid and a yellow pyramid (that intersect) on a green face. I will refer to this view as a face with two peaks on it.

In the template picture above, the figure on the left folds to be 1/4 of a cross. (It is not always necessary to have double tabs for every joint. In this 1/4 cross piece, the bottom fold works well with only a single tab.) The figure on the right of the template is the pattern for the two triangles that are found in the middle third of many of the edges. Notice that these two isosceles triangles are not mirror images of each other. It is important to line up one of the triangles to be between 2 cross pieces and the other triangle to be between two peaks. The template piece is labeled to make this clear.

This polyhedron is most easily built by beginning with a face with the cross on it. It will soon be clear where the next pieces should be placed by carefully considering the pictures. Keep your eye on the continuous edges of each cube as you assemble this figure in order to make crisply aligned cubes.