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Leslie Lewis

Mathematical Art, Web Design, Teaching Mathematics with Art

As a recently retired mathematics teacher, I have had time to play with web design. I've been developing sites that share with teachers and students my experiences in teaching mathematics with art. I've also had the privilege to create sites for my mathematical friends. I am now looking forward to working with other's ideas to enrich mathematics teaching. Please contact me if you would like to use my help.

contact: Leslie


The following links are a portfolio of my work.

sites on the web    Springing from classroom creations and work with colleagues, I have created several web sites to be used as classroom enrichment and support in mathematics.

project introductions and teacher guides      Why should you teach mathematics with the use of art projects? What is to be gained? How is it implemented? Do you need some concrete ideas?

mathematical art    These are highlights of my student creations and what their art work has allowed them to achieve.




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