Truncated Icosahedron (Soccer Ball)


truncated icosahedron

This polyhedron can be made to look like a soccer ball by using only two colors. A soccer ball is made with dark pentagons and light hexagons.

You could also make this polyhedron using 5 colors for the hexagons and one different color for the pentagons. In this case, parallel hexagonal faces wil be the same color. This arrangement would be to demonstrate the icosahedron that has been truncated and your color layout would be the same as the icosahedron.

To see the full-sized template click on this image:   truncated icosahedron template

You will need to prepare 20 of the hexagonal faces and 12 of the pentagonal faces.

You can assemble this polyhedron by attaching 5 hexagonal faces to one of the pentagons. The 6 edges of each hexagonal face will be glued alternately to a pentagon and then to another hexagonal face. All of the pentagon faces will be surrounded by hexagons.

Beginning at the bottom of the polyhedron, you should be able to add the next appropriate face according to the rule above ... surround each pentagon with hexagons and alternate pentagons and hexagons around each hexagon. Continue adding faces in this manner until your ball has closed at the top.